The Regulator
The Regulator

The Regulator

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The Regulator is the perfect way to get the exact length cornhole court and will keep your boards in line with each other more consistently. This is made for the tournament director or anyone who needs to set up a cornhole court. The Regulator is easy to use in the backyard, your favorite cornhole venue, or while tailgating or camping.

How does it work? Glad you asked.

Simply stretch out the regulator from board to board and lay each end under the front of each board. Pull the boards tight and now you have confidence that your boards are set to the right distance on every throw! When you're done, simply pick up The Regulator and roll up the straps on the notched area of The Regulator.

*Keeps the boards to the regulation length of 27'

*More surface area on the bottom of The Regulator to keep boards from moving around on slick surfaces like polished concrete and wood flooring.

*Keeps the boards from moving backwards because the boards are pulling on each other

*The straps will give you a better visual of the court when playing 

*Keeps the boards square with each other

*Made out of 3/4" wood

*21'W x 8"L

*Sealed with Spar Urethane for maximum protection against the elements

*Dual 1" Nylon straps for duability

*Straps available in many colors including red, blue, yellow, orange, green, black, and many more

*Customizable laser etching available instead of the current TCG logo